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Economics Major

School of Business and Economics

Why Choose Economics?

Economics is a major that focuses on big questions and critical thinking. The skills you gain from the study of Economics are highly employable.

Economics is the only liberal arts degree that mixes both technical and liberal skills creating what has been coined as the “just-right” degree.

(Liberal Education & America’s Promise(美国高校协会全国领导委员会)

Economics is the most employable liberal arts degree.

(Research as reported by

Economics is the highest paying liberal arts degree at both time of graduation and mid-career.

(The Top Highest Paying Liberal Arts Degree Jobs, 2019 College Ranker)

Economics majors are among the most likely majors to make the corner office, and they’re 250% more likely to become an S&P 500 CEO than business majors.

(Economics: The Most Employable Liberal Art, Bentley College research)

Economics ranks 13th among 44 majors in the number of bachelor degrees awarded in 2018.

(The Most Popular College Major, Niche, 2019)

Economics is the science of purposeful human action. It is the only liberal arts subject that interweaves the concepts of scarcity, subjective value, self-interest, proper incentives, and interdependence. As such, 它允许对那些导致上帝喜悦的决定的人类行为进行真实而有意义的分析和讨论.

(Anne Bradley, Be Fruitful and Multiply)

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IACBE Accreditation

As you research Business Schools, 你可能会注意到一些商业项目是由一些组织认可的,这些组织有很长的首字母缩写,比如 AACSB, IACBE, and ACBSP. What is accreditation and why does it matter? 商学院寻求认证,以获得作为高等教育机构的质量保证, as well as to ensure an environment of continuous improvement. The Concordia School of Business and Economics 选择自愿完成IACBE的严格程序来评估我们商业项目的有效性. 你可以放心,在康考迪亚大学欧文分校,我们的目标是你的学术和职业成功.

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Where Our Alumni Are Working

教育的价值体现在我们的毕业生在完成学位后所享受的成功. 康考迪亚大学欧文分校的毕业生在许多行业中都受到尊重,他们找到了熟练的工作. Here are just a few of the places our alumni have recently been employed.

  • ABB
  • Boeing
  • City of Fresno
  • Consumer Portfolio Services
  • Deloitte
  • Durr
  • FBF Loans
  • LA Angels
  • Mercatus Center at George Mason University
  • MGM Resorts International
  • National Sports Apparel
  • Profit Recovery Partners, LLC
  • Santa Barbara Asset Management
  • SCI Lighting Solutions
  • Sparrow Associates
  • USMC
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